To significantly reduce the landed cost of goods and improve the delivery schedule for our customers while significantly reducing the carbon footprint of the products.

To develop an integrated national platform of rail-served aggregation parks located near major consumption zones in collaboration with the Class I Railroads and major sea ports.

To exploit the transportation inefficiencies in our client’s supply chains by taking advantage of the paradigm shift to rail for long haul goods movements.

By providing our client’s with integrated transportation and real estate solutions, significant cost savings, reduction in transit times and network reliability is achieved. Our focus is to develop rail-served ‘inside-the-fence’ aggregation parks, point-to-point dedicated unit train service and multi-modal sea port developments with specific focus on the temperature controlled industry.

By offering rail-centric transportation solutions and ‘inside-the-fence’ park developments, Providence can reduce our client’s inbound transportation costs by approximately 20%, improve delivery schedules, lower inventory costs and significantly reduce the product’s carbon foot print.